In the ‘fishing’ versus ‘casting’ argument there is a saying that salmon don’t know if you can  cast or not.  (And judging by some of the fish I caught in the early days of my fishing career that is very true!) But even though the theory works to a certain degree, casting is a beautiful art form in its own right.  Good casting is also essential on those days when fish are in short supply, the weather gods are against you, the fish are on the far side and there is a high bank of brambles right behind you.  If you don’t catch fish but you have cast well you can still have a certain amount of satisfaction in your day.

If you are a beginner, lessons are important so you don’t develop any hard to break bad habits.  Improvers can pick up some useful tips for extra distance or tricky situations and experienced casters can have great fun developing their casting to advanced and competition levels.

I have travelled extensively to learn directly from some of the UK and Ireland’s elite instructors and world champion casters such as Ally Gowans, Andrew Toft and Robert Gillespie.  I am based in the beautiful Scottish Borders and look forward to passing on some of this knowledge and helping you whatever your aspirations may be.   Practice makes permanent so make sure what you are practising is right!